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Do babies need advanced vision screening?

Atualizado: 24 de mai.

We are committed to providing the best possible vision care for babies. This includes makign sure that preventable vision loss is addressed early enough to let the baby develop healthy eyesight, even if they are not born with it.

Advanced newborn vision screening goes above and beyond the standard test in terms of technology and discoveries. Pr3vent offers this screening at an affordable cost. Our exam builds on the techniques initially used for premature infants utilizing wide-angle fundus cameras to provide a high-resolution view of the newborn's retina, to provide a thorough and sensitive examination.

The benefits include:

 1. Evaluation by trained pediatric retina specialists

2. Confidence that the exam finds possible abnormalities that warrant referral.

3. Improved outcomes if early detection and referral lead to expert intervention.

Pr3vent's advanced newborn vision screening presents a significant opportunity to enhance the early detection and intervention for potential vision issues. Combining technology and human expertise we can ensure that babies receive the best possible vision care from the very beginning. This approach has the potential to significantly improve outcomes through early detection and expert intervention. 

We work towards integration of advanced newborn vision screening into standard care practices, ensuring that avoidable vision loss is addressed correctly and proactively.


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