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We want to end preventable vision loss in babies. Pr3vent's advanced infant vision screening accurately detects newborn who may have vision threatening conditions in the back of the eye.


Follow-up exams drive proactive care, prevent vision loss, and help build a brighter future for children and families

Advanced Vision Screening for a brighter future.

Select what fits you best and join Pr3vent's mission.



Hospitals and Health Systems

Health Care Professionals


Federal Qualifying Health Center (FQHC) / Nonprofit 


Your baby's vision is incredibly important, and you deserve assurance that a high-quality post-natal exam has been performed.

Far more sensitive and accurate than a simple red reflex test, Pr3vent gives you and your pediatrician confidence that your baby's vision is not at risk.  

We make sure that your baby's vision is protected. 


Innovative telemedicine technology for hospitals and clinics.

High-tech equipment, software and technology: fast, accurate imaging with AI-powered analysis.


Cost-effectiveness and scalability Screening: pay-per-patient model.

Hospital Employees

Champion healthy vision

Advocate for comprehensive infant vision screening in your practice. Whether is a private practice or part of a larger pediatric group, Pr3vent's turnkey solution will help you meet AAP, AAPOS, and AAO vision screening recommendations and bring innovative service to your patients.

If you are an OBGYN, education material is available in 3 languages: spanish, english and protuguese,


We know that FQHCs and nonprofits are faced with the challenge of providing comprehensive primary care and preventive affordable services for all ages. The critical window of infancy can have a tremendous impact on developmental milestones, growth and break of the poverty cycle.  Pr3vent's turnkey solution pay per patient aligned with our mission to end preventable vision loss is the solution for FQHCs and nonprofits alike. 

Helping Hands
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