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Newborn Visual Screening

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

It is a screening test to check if your baby presents any abnormalities in the retina that can affect eyesight as they grow. Pr3vent’s AI was developed to provide a novel screening option for identifying referral warranted newborn based on retina imaging of the baby.

When is it done?

Within 72 hours after birth full term infants (at least 37 weeks in utero). If your birthing facility doesn’t offer eye screening, we strongly recommend having it done within the first month of life.

How is it done?

Pr3vent’s AI analyzes sets of fundus images taken by a lightweight, cordless, wide-angle fundus camera. This screening is not painful in any way to your baby. With the click of a camera dozens of pictures are taken and stored in the cloud where Pr3vent’s AI algorithm analyses each image and classifies them accordingly: RW/NRW (Referral Warranted. Non Referral Warranted). Once the result is delivered to the ordering physician, further examination by a pediatric ophthalmologist can be obtained if needed. It’s quick, non-invasive and reliable.

Why is it important?

Newborn eye screening is particularly important because most eye pathologies can be effectively treated if detected in the first month of life. Delayed treatment often results in visual impairment and increased risk of mortality.

What other tests are available?

The only formalized newborn eye screening is the Red Reflex Exam (RRE), recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics. This test should be performed at every well child exam until age 18. Even though the RRE detects media opacities such as corneal scars, cataracts, pupillary seclusion, vitreous hemorrhage and retinoblastoma, it misses retina pathologies and has very low sensitivity.

What does it mean if my baby has a Referral Warranted?

It does not mean that your baby will be blind or visually impaired. It only means that your baby needs to be screened again by a pediatric ophthalmologist because he/she is a candidate for pathologies found in the retina and be treated accordingly.

Newborn Eye Screening