​Artificial Intelligence for Newborn Vision

Newborn screening has been increasingly adopted because of substantial long-term benefits to the child's health.  Hearing screening, for example, is already available to everyone.   

Now Pr3vent screens for potential vision loss. Just like established screens, Pr3vent can be available in the newborn ward without burden to the family or the baby.


The Pr3vent Solution

Early Detection

Screening at birth offers a unique opportunity to find newborns that should see the ophthalmologist before the damage becomes irreversible.

Clinical Workflow

Pr3vent technology uses AI to accurately identify what goes unnoticed with current testing.  ​Our screening is non-invasive, reliable, scalable and affordable for end user.

AI Deep Learning

100,000+ images have been evaluated by pediatric ophthalmologists and more are scanned every year to deliver astounding accuracy.


What does PR3VENT do?

Jochen Kumm