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Pr3vent's advanced newborn vision screening provides a more comprehensive evaluation on baby's eyesight so parents can proactively act to promote healthy vision and optimal development for their child.

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Recently, our global team strengthened its relations with the Brazilian market, also starting baby screenings in São Paulo. Our goal is to spread the Advanced Vision Screening Globally

What we believe 

Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Pr3vent is a healthcare technology company dedicated to newborn vision screening and improving vision health for all children through Prevention, Protection and Precision. Pr3vent’s groundbreaking technology protects against avoidable vision loss in newborns and infants.

Mission: to standardize advanced newborn vision screening to make early detection and treatment of visual impairments more efficient and effective. Through innovative technology and comprehensive solutions, we are committed to detecting and addressing potential vision issues in children early on, ultimately improving the quality of life of the child and those around them.

Vision: clear sight for all. Purpose: to protect newborn’s vision for kids to grow up healthy, happy and able to reach their full potential.

Value Proposition: we provide an accurate and detailed assessment of a baby’s vision empowering parents and healthcare professionals to intervene proactively, preventing vision impairment from developing or worsening.

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